West Queen Anne

Gleanings from my father Glen S. Player's ephemera from Seattle school reunions. He graduated WQA 1932 and QAHS 1936.

1933 West Queen Anne Class Picture

Gosh, am I ever thankful I saved the WQA and QAHS reunion papers from two drawers in Dad’s guest bedroom when we closed up his home after his death. Two more boxes wouldn’t break me, and I just didn’t have the heart to dispose of the items. I thought I had Dad’s genealogy safely squirreled away for later perusal, but boy was I wrong!  The things I’ve discovered shuffling through the reunion boxes have brought real insight into my family history.

West Queen Anne Class of 1933

West Queen Anne Class of 1933, Seattle, Washington

ABOVE: Today’s photo is innocently labeled on the back with the words “This picture belongs to me.” I assume this is the graduating class of 1933 because of the etching “1-33” made on the negative on the upper right before printing of this image. The school had a practice of taking class pictures in January. This image includes my Dad’s sister Beverly Player, seated in the front row, second from left, and she was indeed one year behind my Dad in school. Accompanying her unsigned comment are signatures from many classmates, and four others, of significance to me:

Glen S. Player, Jack Player, Mother Player and Dad Player.

I nearly fell out of my computer chair when I read that. This means my uncle, father and grandparents handled this pic and signed the back. These signatures then represent more of an “autograph collection” not limited to those whose images appear in the class picture. Again, I’ll try to transcribe decipherable signatures.

West Queen Anne 1933 Class Picture (reverse)

Brita Lindstrom

Anna Mae Matheson

Flora McCorkle

Charles Bipps

Cora Atkinson

James Farr

Marion A. Thorpy

Wallace Aiken

Izora Pecks 8B

Mother Player


Sarah Moowad

Denis R. Cole

Faith Holmes

Donald Grantvedt

Ellsworth Sunde

Ruth Gordon

Gordon Graham

Walter Brytges

Burton Antill

Beulah Barber

Jack Player

Jack Graaf

Ruth Piltz

Jack Schwartz

Evart Lamping

Evelyn Gilmore

Gordon Lilly


George IV

C. Murray

Carl Heu


Dad Player

Ken Weiser (could this be Beverly, Jack and Glen’s cousin on their mother Myrtle’s side?)

Beatrice Hamilton – including the words “found but not lost”

Leonard Wood

Jean Robinson

Pauline Bernice

Theresa Machmeier

Virginia Matheny

Virginia Beeler


Helen Barlow

Fat Lucy

Dick Neuharth

Bob Scott

Vivian Winchell

Easton Skogsberg

Victor Beckman


Mary Runner

Blanche Philmister

Bill Roth

Billy P. Kemrah

Suella Neely  “Good luck and love”

Molly Wand

Elaine Wicklund


Glen Player

James Daley

Edith Connor

Villa Brock

Billy Moe

Bert Hall

Stanford Stalwart

Patricia Brown

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