West Queen Anne

Gleanings from my father Glen S. Player's ephemera from Seattle school reunions. He graduated WQA 1932 and QAHS 1936.

West Queen Anne


Seattle Schools circa 1900

West Queen Anne was the grade school my father attended once his moved to Seattle in 1926, when Dad was 8 years of age. There’s a great writeup on this structure at WikiPedia.

The structure is on the National Register of Historic Places, though there it is called Queen Anne Public School.

Location: 515 West Galer Street, Seattle, Washington.

RIGHT: Image courtesy of WikiPedia.com, and is licensed under Creative Commons. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Seattle_Schools_-_1900.jpg
p. 111 of Seattle and the Orient (more properly, Seattle …and the… Orient), a 1900 “souvenir” pamphlet edited and compiled by Alfred D. Bowen and published by The Times Printing Company (that is, the Seattle Times). Scanned at 300 dpi; images cleaned up using Picture Publisher’s “remove pattern” feature.

BELOW: find the link to Google Maps. Scroll around in “street view” so you can see the old north entrance that still bears the word “Queen Anne Public School.” My father graduated in 1932, and went directly to Queen Anne High School. There was no “middle school” then as is popular in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

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