West Queen Anne

Gleanings from my father Glen S. Player's ephemera from Seattle school reunions. He graduated WQA 1932 and QAHS 1936.

1932 West Queen Anne Class Picture

1932 West Queen Anne Class Picture

Found this amazing treasure in Dad’s stash, with signatures on the back. I think some of the signatures were made in 1932 when Dad first got the photo, and other signatures were added later in life, perhaps at a reunion? Just thinking, not sure. I’ll try to transcribe them as best I can. My Dad, Glen S. Player is the the first guy on the left in the back row.

1932 WQA Class January back side

1932 West Queen Anne Class, back side showing signatures.

Grant Wilcox

Roy Fritch

Pat Arney

Marion A. Thorpe

Jack McKue

Helen Johansen

Jeanne Arney

Albert C Hastings

Lloyd Townsend

David Ulrich

Freda Shepherd

Jimmy Berry

Jean Usher

Dorthelle Willard

Elsie Webster

Orville Schley

Anne Honore

Shirley Teasdale

Fritz Wedeberg

Hilda Hullen

Bob Barker (crossed out)

Glen Player

Jack Steiner

Bob Kellam

Lisa Keller

Virginia Weston

Jim Sco [illegible]

Phillip Gould

Harry Brockway

Ruth Berg

Peirce Donnelly

Mary Thompson

Lloyd Olsen

Marjorie Tegneun

Patricia Arney (crossed out)

Dorothy Mann

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